Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

The Spirit of Lyot conference aspires to be a free and safe forum for the exchange of a wide range of views and ideas concerning our shared field of research. As such we recognize that the greatest strength of its community lies in its diversity. To ensure a positive and enriching experience for everyone we ask all attendees to follow our code of conduct:

  • Be mindful of others and our shared experience.

  • The exchange of different points of views is at the heart of this conference. Always engage in civil discussions in good faith.

  • The conference brings together a large international community. This implies a diversity of cultural backgrounds. What is acceptable behavior to one might not be to others. Be mindful and respectful of these differences and exercise discretion at all times.

  • This conference brings together researchers at all career stages. Be in particular mindful of the power dynamics between experienced colleagues and young students. It is imperative that young  researchers can voice their ideas and opinions without fear of ridicule, harassment or retaliation by others.

  • Any form of harassment and/or bullying shall not be permitted. If you recognize such behavior please immediately inform one of the conference organizers. If you feel comfortable doing so, offer support to recipients of such behavior.

  • The conference and the connected social events are a professional environment. As such any form of sexual advances, innuendo or comments are highly inappropriate. If you notice such behavior and you feel safe in doing so, please step in immediately. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, please contact the conference organizers.

  • And it bears repeating: Be mindful of others and our shared experience.